Paul George kills The Birdman

Paul George treats LeBron like a pylon, then throws down the VICIOUS dunk all over Chris Anderson.

george on birdman

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  1. Max

    My name is Max by the way and I LOVE BASKETBALL!

    I know you have heard of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan but, have you heard of Andy Folker? He is the creator of “Vert Shock”. The ultimate program to sky rocket vertical jumping ability. I personally did the program and so happy I did! Now I can finally dunk the ball hard and make my friends jealous!!!

    Imagine for a moment that NBA stars didn’t know how to slam dunk. Counting on your name and all your viewers it is probably hard to imagine the game without a good grip on the rim. Look, I know that not everyone is in the NBA but, who wouldn’t want to up their game?

    All you have to do my friend is post this link below to your page/videos to give your viewers the chance to increase higher jumps and make more dunks like I did!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and look forward to your future videos!

    Stay Ballin!


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