NBA Top Plays of 2011-2012 Regular Season

Our year end mix of the sickest dunks, blocks, crossovers, dimes, and shots of the 2011-2012 NBA regular season! It may have been a shortened season, but there was no shortages of highlights! 13 minutes and 53 seconds of your day well spent.

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  1. Avenger

    Yo if you’re going to make a pathetic mix tape, then you should leave bias out of it. There isn’t even a total of 5 Miami clips in this entire 14 minute video (I didn’t count, but it’s literally about 5 Miami clips in the fucking video).

    • If you’re going to watch someone else’ mixtape, then you should leave your own bias out of it. There are 30 teams in the league. Having 5 clips of one team is pretty good.

    • I

      Yeah, maybe they should add an extra section. “Lebron’s Travels”

    • Marco polo

      Wow…it’s amazing how Miami fans support their team when lebron gets there. Some of you guys never supported wade? And now ur all over his dick and swallowing lebron juice. I live in Miami…a long time fan since Hardaway and mourning was there. Even when it was just wade and shaq. Went to all the playoffs even. LeBron gets here and has poisoned Florida. He’s a traitor and Miami fans are too…Miami won the ring but they won it cheaply. Wade and shaq did it…that’s only 2 superstars for. 1 championship. LeBron needed wade,bosh,Miller and battier to win a ring. He needed a fantasy dream team 2 win a ring out of 2 attempts. Wade and shaq did it themselves. Who got skills now? Watch last year’s game against the knicks game 3. The referee practically gave the game to Miami and then the finals was a joke. I cnt believe nobody sees this shit. He’s an overrated fluke. Jordan,bird.magic,kobe even reggie Miller Stockton never switched teams to get a ring…they’re all legends. LeBron will never be in their category. He’s a disloyal mother tucker who can’t win without a dream team. Damn I wish jordan was still playing to skool teach him a lesson bout winning honestly.

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